How it began

In 2015 there was a great lack of expertise within smart video productions. We saw a demand from brands that can’t, or won’t, pay for traditional agencies multi million budgets and year long productions. But who still wanted to feed the need for video content for their customers.

So Crisby was born! We create smart, good-looking video content in all sizes, with a production process optimised to fit your needs. We also publish, advertise and analyse campaigns in the relevant channels to reach your clients.

Our offer soon proved to be very well received. Today we have several thousands of productions in our portfolio and a smooth production line in place.

Video bottleneck? Gone

Video done right is a fun and easy process! At Crisby we think like an agency and produce like an inhouse-team. That means less meetings, more content. No fuss, all fun. We are your creative partner that make your brand move.


Meet the team

We’re a dedicated team with a variety of skills within video production and digital marketing. We believe in the power of video and how it plays a central part in any successful brand’s communication.

Niklas Thorin, Founder
Ulrika Becker
Ulrika Becker, Project Manager
Mikaela Lövgren
Mikaela Lövgren, Creative Producer
Pia Popat
Pia Popat, Client Manager
Eleonor Sjöberg, Client Manager
Fenja Heijkenskjöld
Fenja Heijkenskjöld, Motion Designer
Maxine Jarlsbo
Maxine Jarlsbo, Editor
Anna Lindroth, Production
Nina Lee (parental leave)

Want to join our team?

We’re always looking for new talent to join us! Head over to our career page to see open positions.