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Crisby Creative

Smart content for a
savvy audience

Let’s face it! We’re talking to a highly attractive audience that’s constantly exposed to slick marketing slogans and generic content, even though they’re more interested in exploring your GitHub repositories and see what javascript library your website implements.

From GIFs for Instagram to 360 campaigns, we make sure to create fun and challenging content that breaks to the buzzword barrier and connects with a savvy audience.



Youtube and Reddit are the most used social media amongst developers, while LinkedIn is the least used.


74 % of developers are either actively looking for a job or are open to new opportunities that may arise.


Company culture and technologies used are the most important factors when considering a job.

Crisby Campaign

Connect with your audience

While Facebook and LinkedIn are safe and over-used platforms to reach out, let us open your eyes to new channel strategies including Youtube, lookalike audiences and Account Based Marketing (ABM).

We are more than happy to set up a campaign that includes advertising and analysing – to increase awareness and attract developers.

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