Swedish tilers have the upper hand, as there are many more jobs available than there are people to hire. This means that companies need to brand themselves and adapt to the new, younger workforce, in order to attract the best people and make them stay.

Golvkedjan is a Swedish member organisation of tiler companies, who has rules and guidelines on how each individual company needs to act in order to be a member. Where employee benefits is one important component.


“Ett schysst jobb”. A concept that both highlights the many benefits that companies tied to Golvkedjan have, while showing the fun jargon at the workplace. “Ett schysst jobb” was also created to be able to live longer than one campaign, and soon more films will be produced under the concept.


We created a set of recruitment profiles based on current employers, life events and interests. Then set up display and video campaigns to drive brand awareness and engagement on Facebook and Youtube. Ads were shown as both skippable and non-skippable.