Crisby Studio

Welcome to Crisby

At Crisby we create smart, good-looking video content, and make it fly. We set the idea, put it into motion and make sure your audience sees it.

Our production process is optimised to deliver content that fits your needs. From full-scale, high-end to straightforward, no fuss. Same goes with publishing, advertising and analysing campaigns. Big or small, we make sure we deliver on target and give you the numbers to show for.

Located in Stockholm, we’re a partner for brands and agencies to grow with. Without boundaries.

What we offer

When it comes to video, we got you covered. Our offer includes Crisby Creative, where we come up with great ideas and make them into motion magic. And Crisby Campaign, where we care for our creative product and make sure it is published and advertised in the right channels, to the right people.

Work that works

From GIFs for Instagram to 360 campaigns, we are proud of our work and we put our hearts into everything we do. Here are some highlights from our four years in the business.